Residency Scholarship Tracks

At the University of Chicago we are excited to offer two ACGME-approved Scholarship Tracks in Medical Education, and Health Services (Public Policy and Health Economics).  Our unique Scholarship Tracks allow residents to complete traditional pediatric residency training while obtaining a master’s degree in a specified area of scholarship over the course of four years. We recruit highly competitive candidates for these tracks which afford a unique opportunity to graduate from our residency armed with all of the clinical skills necessary to care for sick children, and additionally be equipped with the leadership and scholarship skills to immediately become an active, effective, and powerful voice in the areas of Medical Education, Public Policy, or Health Economics.

These specialized Scholarship Tracks were created in collaboration with master’s degree programs at the University of Chicago (Master of Arts in Public Policy from the Harris School and Master of Science for Clinical Professionals from the Department of Health Studies) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (Master of Health Professions Education).

Please click on the links above for further descriptions of the individual tracks. If you are interested in any of the Scholarship Tracks, you must apply specifically in that track through ERAS in addition to completing the separate masters' application (fee will be waived).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the tuition for the master's degree program?

Tuition and required textbooks are covered by the University of Chicago Residency Program.

During non-clinical periods, will I have a salary?

Yes. Throughout all four years of the residency program, whether on clinical service or completing courses or thesis work, you will receive the standard resident salary for PGY1 - PGY4 levels. There will not be a period where you will not have income.

Can I apply to both the Categorical and Scholarship tracks?

Yes. Each track of our residency has a different ERAS designation. If you are interested in both our categorical residency program and one or more scholarship tracks, you will have to select each track separately.

Do I need to interview separately for each different track?

If you are applying in one of our Scholarship Tracks as well as the categorical track, your interview for the Scholarship Track will also serve as your categorical interview. However, if you choose to apply in more than one Scholarship Track, you will have to interview for each Scholarship Track separately (for example: if you want to apply in Medical Education and Public Policy, you will need to interview on both those track dates, but your interview for the categorical track will be included in one of those days).

Is there a separate application for the Scholarship Tracks?

For each scholarship track, the standard ERAS application form is used. We do recommend that you tailor your personal statement to emphasize why you have an interest in the specific Scholarship Track.

You will also need to apply to the appropriate Master's Program through the program’s independent application process.  You must complete this application by one week prior to your interview at the residency program (even though the master program deadline might be later).  We recommend that you wait until you have been invited to interview before beginning your Master's application.  Application fee will be waived and/or covered by the program.

** If you have not completed it by the prior week, we will reschedule your interview for a non-track day, provided there is space available, and you will only be able to interview for our categorical program. **

Do I need special application materials for the master's program applications?

Yes. Depending on the master degree, you will need to provide specific letters of support, MCAT scores (which can replace the GRE requirement), transcripts, etc.  Please see the individual Scholarship Track pages and master's degree program sites for more details.

Do I need to pay the application fee for the Master degree programs?

Our Residency Program will cover the application fee - however, you will need to arrange payment so please reach out directly to the Pediatric Medical Education Office with questions.

Are the tracks ranked separately for the match?

Yes. Though the interview day is combined, the categorical program and each of the Scholarship Tracks are treated as separate programs.