Leadership Opportunities

Our residents and fellows are encouraged and expected to pursue professional development and leadership opportunities that align with their personal passions and interests.  There are many ways for trainees to 'get a seat at the table' in both the departmental and institutional level. 

Get Involved! Be Heard! Impact Change!

Self-nominated council comprised of pediatric residents at every level of the program and the Pediatric Chief Residents.  The REC provides a formal pathway for residents to become involved in programmatic improvement.

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Self-nominated council comprised of pediatric fellows across various levels and subspecialties.  The FEAC works with the Pediatric Medical Office and offers a formal mechanism for fellows to unite and have a part in departmental and programmatic improvement.

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Opportunity to join a community engagement collaboration with Urban Health Initiative.  Resident/Fellow members participate in a didactic curriculum, work on a longitudinal community project, and act as ambassadors to their program(s).

The UChicago House Staff Diversity Committee is a place for residents and fellows from all programs to come together for community and exchange of ideas. We provide a forum to meet and enhance leadership skills, as well as to learn about advocacy, self-awareness, social justice, and intercultural understanding. We believe the physician workforce should represent the diversity of our population. As such, we collaborate with University-wide initiatives, help to provide culturally sensitive medical education to our colleagues, and foster a sense of community among physicians of color at the University of Chicago.

Opportunity to act as core members of the WellBeing Advisory Committee to advance the mission and vision of wellbeing for the resident and fellow phyisician peers.

Self-nominated residents and fellows who act as liaison between their colleagues (REC & FEAC) and GME leadership.