Research Program

The University of Chicago, one of the world's preeminent research institutions, was founded to create new knowledge and disseminate it through teaching, publication, and the development of discoveries and new technologies for the public benefit. The Department of Pediatrics' is committed to the effective and personalized care of children and their families, the education and training of the next generation of pediatrician and pediatrician-scientist leaders, being at forefront of understanding pediatric disease and its therapy, improving the well-being of all children.

Among pediatrics services, there are more than 300 active IRB protocols, including approximately 100 clinical trials. In the most recent year, investigators had approximately 170 submissions and received 135 awards for a total of more than $9 million. This research program represents the effort of more than 50 principal investigators and over 150 research staff engaged in the conduct of pediatric basic, translational and clinical research.

Training Physicians and Graduate Researchers

The Pritzker School of Medicine continues to be a major producer of faculty members for U.S. medical schools. The success of our PhD programs for medical students arises in part from the strong traditions of our faculty in biomedical investigation, the close proximity and interactions of basic science and clinical faculty in research collaboration, and a curriculum that emphasizes an investigational approach to medical education and the importance of fundamental medical science in clinical practice. Postgraduate training for both medical scientists and basic scientists is well-supported. There are approximately 28 institutional training grants which provide slots for about 200 postdoctoral trainees holding MD, PhD, or MD/PhD degrees. The University of Chicago has demonstrated its success in developing biomedical investigators from the earliest stages of their professional education.