Resident Wellness

As pediatricians we spend a significant amount of time counseling patients and parents how to live healthier lives. Becoming a pediatrician means grappling with difficult issues with children and their families and our program is committed to our residents' personal and professional wellness during your development as pediatricians.

Physical Health

Our physical health is the cornerstone of wellness. Residents have easy access to make healthcare appointments in their limited time through use of a unique service that allows residents to email a scheduler their availability and have an appointment scheduled quickly after their request.  Residents also enjoy access to a resident-only gym in Comer so they can get their sweat on before or after work.  In previous years, many of our residents have created teams and competed together in hospital-wide wellness challenges.  We try to take care of your physical needs so you can focus your efforts on learning and caring for your patients.

Reflection and Professional Development

Several times throughout your residency, you will have opportunities to come together with your colleagues to reflect on your personal and professional development.  The "Bring Yourself to Work" lecture series focuses on showcasing resident and faculty hobbies and personal interests and occurs at the middle of each block.  Past lecturers have  discussed  "Burnout," "Narrative Medicine," "Music and Improvisation in Medicine," and even "Juggling!" Each resident on a Q4 inpatient month also has a "FTW--Free Time for Wellness" day, which is protected time for residents during the weekday to go to appointments, go to the movies, whatever it is that the resident wants to do for their own personal wellbeing.

Social Support

Our residents often describe the feeling they have for each other as "family."  Our residents are particularly close, and being such, coordinate social activities across classes.  Each month, residents plan and attend a  "Second Saturday" which is an outing at different locations in the great city of Chicago--past activities have included Whirlyball, curling, and dart-throwing.  Our residents also coordinate various community service events outside of their duties in the hospital.  The program sponsors a yearly Holiday Party for all residents--faculty and fellows stay behind to cover the patients!  Each of our residents also has 5 days off during either Christmas or New Years as part of our Holiday Schedule in which residents cover for each other in order to enjoy a bit of the winter weather.

Got Ideas?

Our program is very open and receptive to resident ideas on improving lifestyle. Our REC committee and Housestaff meetings focus on improving resident wellness, so we welcome your ideas!