Medical Education Scholarship Track

Ideal Participants:

We are looking for residency applicants who have demonstrated leadership abilities and prior interest in medical education. We seek to train the next generation of leaders in medical education, and we are looking for applicants who are already developing a focus of scholarship. Whether you are interested in curricular development, assessment, exemplary teaching, administration in graduate or undergraduate medical education, or any other area, we will offer you an opportunity to learn from the leaders in the field and provide you with a venue for application of your ideas.

Collaborating Institution:

Through collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Medical Education, we are thrilled to provide our Medical Education scholar with access to the gold standard for programs in medical education. Scholars would be the only residents admitted to a program that creates cohorts of students that include national and international leaders in medical education.

For more information about the MHPE program: University of Illinois at Chicago MHPE Website - click here

Application Process:

Interested students will apply to both the University of Chicago Pediatric Residency Medical Education Track through ERAS, as well as the UIC MHPE program through the UIC Graduate Studies application platform.

Residency applications must be submitted through ERAS by 11/01/2017, and MHPE applications are no later than 11/10/17 (one week before the Medical Education Scholarship Track Interview Day).

PLEASE NOTE: If the MHPE program has not received an application by one week prior to the residency interview, and we cannot work with the applicant to get it completed, the track interview will be cancelled, and we will reschedule the applicant to interview for the categorical track on another day.

We recommend that applicants address their interest in medical education somewhere in their ERAS personal statement. The residency application letters can include a letter that addresses their qualifications for the Medical Education track, but it is not required.

For the UIC MHPE program, you will need the following:

Completion of the Personal Statement Form for the MHPE program (available on their website)
Three letters of recommendation specific to the MHPE program
Transcripts from post-secondary education schools
$70.00 application fee - UCM will cover this fee - contact us for details

For more details, please review the MHPE application requirements and process or contact UIC Coordinator, Janet Settle with questions. 


Those invited to interview will be asked to attend the Pritzker Medical Education Day on Thursday, November 16th, followed by an interview day on Friday, November 17th.  On this date, applicants will have the standard residency interview, as well as ones with Medical Education faculty and residents.  This interview will also count as the applicant’s interview for the categorical program.

Track Schedule:

All track scholars will complete their intern clinical work without any modifications in their schedule.

Starting in the 2nd year, the Medical Education scholar will begin coursework onsite at UIC. The scholar will be expected to take their core courses and electives when they are offered (August, May, July), as well as attend the annual MHPE conference. During these times, the scholar will not be on any clinical rotations, allowing them ample opportunity to focus on the coursework.

During their 4th year they will be expected to complete their masters thesis with the guidance of their thesis committee, with representatives from the MHPE program and the residency program. Their thesis will count as their required research project. This year will also be utilized to complete the clinical time that they deferred during coursework in the 2nd and 3rd years.

Current Scholarship Track Residents:

Amber Price, MD
Pediatric Resident - Medical Education Scholarship Track - 4th Year
Medical School:  University of Illinois at Chicago

Megan Elios, MD
Pediatric Resident - Medical Education Scholarship Track - 3rd Year
Medical School:  Florida State University

Christopher Mattson, MD
Pediatric Resident - Medical Education Scholarship Track - 1st Year
Medical School:  University of Chicago