Resident Wellness

“Physician, heal thyself.”

We take the best care of our patients when we know how to take care of ourselves. Becoming a pediatrician means grappling with difficult issues with children and their families, and our program is committed to our residents’ personal and professional wellness during your development as pediatricians.

Reflection and Professional Development

Several times throughout your residency you will have opportunities to come together with your colleagues to reflect on your personal and professional development. These include humanity rounds, ethics conferences, class retreats, and “move up days.” In particular, the retreats take place off site and combine workshops, team building exercises, and social time with your colleagues.

Physical Health

Nutrition and exercise are cornerstones of your wellness. With breakfast and lunch provided during the work week and a resident-only gym located in Comer, our residents’ physical needs are taken care of so you can focus your efforts on learning and caring for your patients.

Social Support

Each residency class has a social chair who helps coordinate social activities within and across classes. In addition, the program sponsors a yearly Holiday Party for all residents; faculty and fellows stay behind to cover the patients!