Christopher Clardy, MD, checking patient Gabrielle Mukenschnabl with a stethoscope

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Our Section Mission:

The Section of Pediatric Nephrology is committed to treating children with disabling or life-threatening disorders of the kidneys and with complications of kidney disease. Children are treated in outpatient and inpatient settings by an expert team of physicians, nurses, dialysis technicians and dietitians.

Christopher Clardy, MD

Christopher Clardy, MD - Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Section Chief, Pediatric Nephrology

Our pediatric nephrologists treat infants, children and teens with all types of kidney and urogenital problems, including:

  • Abnormalities present at birth
  • Acute and chronic kidney failure
  • End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Enuresis
  • Glomerular diseases
  • Hemolytic uremic syndrome
  • Hydronephrosis
  • Hypoplastic Kidneys
  • Kidney Transplants
  • Obstructions along the urinary tract
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Nephritic syndrome 
  • Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Metabolic Diseases
  • Systemic lupus erythematous
  • Urinary tract infections

Our pediatric experts use the most sophisticated treatments, including:

  • Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for kidney failure:Inpatient dialysis is also available for children with acute kidney failure and other emergency situations.
  • Kidney transplants including living donor transplants from related and non-related donors: Our transplant surgeons are internationally recognized for their expertise. Because of their high level of experience, they are able to perform transplants on even the smallest of infants.
  • New appraoches to glomerular diseases and other kidney problems: These include recent advances in immunosuppressant medicines.
  • Minimally invasive procedures: When surgery is necessary, our surgeons often employ minimally invasive approaches to reduce a child's pain and speed recovery. For example, our surgeons can remove some or all of a child's kidney through a tiny incision that leaves only a small scar.
  • Innovative approaches to treating kidney stones: Our kidney stone experts can also help prevent future kidney stones in children.
  • Prenatal testing and counseling: These services are available for expectant parents of infants who may have congenital kidney abnormalities.

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