Infectious Diseases

Faculty in the section of Pediatric Infectious Diseases are experts in treating children with infectious diseases and immunologic disorders. Our clinicians are leaders in the care of children with HIV, and are key members of our teams treating children with other disorders where the immune system may be compromised, including children with blood, respiratory, or skin and soft tissue infections, pneumonia, cancer, transplantation or heart disease complicated by acute infections.

The mission of our Care to Prevent (C2P) program is to eliminate new infections of HIV/STI among young people living in Chicago. Our holistic approach to prevention and treatment seeks to provide continuity of care, increase sexual health awareness and literacy, and reduce stigma among affected populations. We believe that we must care for those living with HIV in order to prevent new cases of infection in those most at-risk.

Our Family Flu Clinic offers both Influenza (Flu) and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccinations for the entire family. The clinic runs from September through March in 3 convenient locations in Hyde Park, Merrillville, and Naperville.

Health4Chicago is an at-school immunization program for children and adolescents, providing vaccines recommended by the CDC and AAP. Our team of immunizers also provides seasonal flu vaccine and travel immunizations in the community.

The University of Chicago Adoption Center provides exemplary medical care to meet the unique needs of orphaned children and their adopting families. Often adopted children face a range of complex medical needs including HIV, malnutrition, congenital deformities, and developmental delays. Together with members of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, the Care Team provides a comprehensive range of services including both pre-adoption assessments and post-adoption medical evaluations.