Global Health

We support our residents in pursuing opportunities around the world that will provide an exceptional learning experience. Our residents may participate in established programs or may create their own rotation. Please visit the Center for Global Health for more information, and feel free to contact us with questions about how an international training experience might become a part of your residency.

Recent experiences include rotations in:

Leon, Nicaragua | Chacraseca, Nicaragua

“I had the opportunity to join Salud Para Todos Los Niños and be a part of this incredible multi-disciplinary team that travels to Nicaragua to assist in the development of a patient-centered medical home model for underserved children with complex chronic medical problems."


Kathmandu, Nepal    

“I traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal with the non-profit, PULSE, to provide NICU/PICU training to developing countries. I brought several bubble CPAP machines to Kathmandu Medical College and trained on the benefits of early respiratory support. It was an incredible experience working with the dedicated pediatricians, and being surrounding by the beauty and culture of Nepal!"


Palenque, Mexico

"I went to Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico and organized charlas (chats) in rural communities on basic health topics, including: nutrition, intestinal parasites, the common cold, and dental health.   


Vieux Fort, St. Lucia

“We worked at a community hospital, under the supervision of Lucian pediatricians. We provided care to the children of St. Lucia in clinic as well as a general pediatric ward, general care nursery, and neonatal ICU. It was a great opportunity to learn about international pediatric medicine, and make wonderful connections!”


Kijabe, Kenya

“We joined a wonderful community of pediatricians at a community hospital, and took call providing care for children with a variety of medical conditions, from premature infants on up.  This was a great experience to expand our medical knowledge and learn about how pediatrics is practiced in other countries.“


Beijing, China

“I worked in Beijing doing research in the area of sleep medicine.  I met experts in my field of interest, and got to explore a new area of research.  It was a great experience.”