Verification Requests

Pediatric Medical Education Office

The Pediatric Medical Education Office welcomes your questions and comments regarding our educational training programs within the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Chicago.  Our office oversees the education and compliance for all trainees within the Department of Pediatrics.  We oversee all visiting fourth year medical students, Pediatric Residents, Pediatric Fellows - across our eleven (11) subspecialty programs, and visiting residents and fellows.  Please find details below regarding the Resident/Fellow Verification Process:


Residency/Fellowship Verification Requests

Please email all requests for Pediatric Residency and/or Pediatric Fellowships verifications to

Please note: There may be fees associated with the requests

  • Standard UCM Letter of Verification (only including dates of attendance and completion status) - no charge
  • Customized Letter of Verification with notarized signature or Institution Seal - $25.00 fee
  • Custom Verification Form - $75.00 fee (some exceptions apply)

All fees must be made payable (by check) to The University of Chicago - Pediatric Medical Education and received (via mail) prior to release of completed verification.

Mailing Address:

Pediatric Medical Education Office
Attn: Medical Education Coordinator
5721 S. Maryland Ave.
K155 / MC8016
Chicago, IL 60637