Child Protective Services

This nationally recognized hospital based program was established in 1993 through the efforts of Dr. J. Glick. The CAPS team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of professionals whose mission is to enhance the wellness of children by identifying, evaluating and advocating for children who present with all forms of child welfare concerns including neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse.

Annually over 500 children are evaluated by our team and our services include comprehesive evaluation, forensically baesd interviewing, coordination of services, colloboration with child welfare and investigational agencies as well as expert court testimony. Our program was the original site for the development of the Multidisciplinary Pediatric Education and Evaluation Consortium, which now is a nationally recognized program that provides expert medical consultation for all children less than three years old who recide in Chicago reported for serious child physical abuse. Although a hospital based clinical program the CAPS program has a strong and robust educational and scholarly mission.

Clinical Program

Child Advocacy and Protective Services (CAPS) provides 24-hour consultation for the University of Chicago medical complex. Children and their families who present to our hospital with concerns for child maltreatment receive a comprehensive assessment, interdisciplinary review, which culminates in a consensus report. By operating on a collaborative, interdisciplinary, consensus building model, strong working relationships with internal and external groups have been established which promote seamless communication to ensure safety, appropriate medical care and necessary services for children and families.