Pediatric Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine program provides clinical management, educational and outreach activities centered on sports related health issues, with particular emphasis on children and adolescents.

The Program includes the care of adult and pediatric patients with sports-related problems, including management of orthopedic injuries such as fractures, cartilage and growth plate problems, sprains, strains, tendonitis, concussions and return-to-play issues, exercise-induced asthma, women in sports, nutrition and sports supplements. Special emphasis is on children and adolescents. Pre-sports physicals are provided, as is expert advice on rehabilitation on overuse sports-specific injuries, such as the following examples: Little League shoulder or elbow, Swimmer’s shoulder, Gymnast’s back pain, Jumper’s knee for basketball and volleyball, shin splints in runners, and hip/groin strain in soccer. The program provides advice on sport-readiness and addresses safety concerns for beginning en pointe training for ballet and weight lifting.