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Child Neurology Residency Training Program

Section of Pediatric Neurology

kenneth silverChailongchai Phtisanuwong, MD
Director, Child Neurology Residency Program
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics


Welcome to the Child Neurology Residency Training Program

The Child Neurology Residency Training Program at the University of Chicago has a long and proud history.  It was foundered in 1976 by Dr Peter Huttenlocher (1931-2013), and since has graduated more than 45 graduates.  Most of our graduates have furthered their training in subspecialty fellowship and have developed flourishing and successful careers both in academia and in the realm of private practice.

The Child Neurology Residency Training Program at the University of Chicago is supported by the Department of Pediatrics and Department of Neurology, and offers a 3-year ACGME accredited residency training in Child Neurology.  Our mission is to educate and foster young physicians to become a competent and independent child neurologist who is knowledgeable in clinical pediatric neurology, passionate in patient care, and capable to apply their knowledge and skills to benefit their patients. 

Throughout the training, residents will have an opportunity to gain a first-hand experience in taking care of children with variety of neurological conditions.  Our on-staff faculty have broad interest and expertise in various subspecialty in pediatric neurology including, but not limited to, epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, movement disorders, neurogenetics and metabolic disorders, developmental disorders, and neurocutaneous syndromes.  Residents will also have an opportunity to expose to academic pediatric neuroscience in both clinical and basic neuroscience research.

All the requirements of our training program are in accordance with the Accreditation Counsel of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for child neurology residency and will qualify graduates to be eligible to sit for the certification examination of The American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology for the board certification in Neurology with special qualifications in Child Neurology.

Again, welcome to the Child Neurology Residency Training Program.  You are about to embark upon three years of medical training which you will find exciting, rewarding, and, at times, challenging.  With passion, determination, and a thirst for knowledge, at the end of this journey, I whole-heartedly believe you will master the art and science of clinical pediatric neurology and arise as a competent and successful child neurologist.

If you have any additional questions about our training program, please contact us.

Chalongchai Phitsanuwong, MD
Program Director, Child Neurology Residency


James Kuttenberg
Business Administrator, Child Neurology