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Darrel Waggoner
, MD
Academic Pediatrics
Medical Director, Human Genetics
Academic Pediatrics

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Research Interests

My research in the past has focused on genetic diseases, which reveal insight into normal copper metabolism in the cell. I am now more involved in the clinical aspect of the Department of Human Genetics and am interested in developing research projects from the clinical perspective. My overall interests are in translational genetics and education. This includes genotype/phenotype studies and developing processes for bringing basic science advancements to the clinical arena.

I am involved in genotype/phenotype studies in patients diagnosed with 9p deletion syndrome. In collaboration with the cytogenetic laboratory, deletions and duplications of chromosome 9p are collected and molecularly mapped. Detailed clinical information is obtained and used to look for specific genes contributing to development. We are also involved in the family support group for 9p-.

I am also interested in studying the referral patterns for genetic testing. We have and continue to study specific diseases from the standpoint of what features are predictive of genetic mutations. In addition, I am interested in understanding the referral patterns for genetic testing by different groups of health care professionals. We study the appropriateness of these referrals and the factors that can be used to increase knowledge with regards to referrals.

Finally I am interested in education and have initiated genetics based educational curriculum throughout the medical center focusing on the medical school. I have introduced new curriculum in the medical school based on internet databases and their use in research and clinical practice.